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Social Media vs. Social Business

as featured on FC by EXPERT BLOGGER DREW NEISSER, he weighs in on who will be the next major leaders in social business and whether these new initiatives can replace social media. What’s your take on social business and what does this mean to you?

IBM is moving itself and its clients well beyond social media into a new era of collaboration, insight sharing, and lead generation it calls social business.

It takes extraordinary chutzpah to promote a vision before it can be fully realized by your audience, let alone your company. IBM did just that in 1997 when it introduced the notion of e-business. Fourteen years later, it is doing it again with a concept they call social business. Given its prescience about e-business, a concept that radically transformed how companies buy and sell their products, it is hard to dismiss their latest idée fixe. For more read: FastCompany

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