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Tibbetts Brook Daylighting

City as Living Lab works with various communities by building equity by engaging the arts, environment, and placemaking while assuring that residents maintain a voice in what takes place throughout their communities. For this project, our goal was to make connections between the RESCUE of TIBBETTS and Climate, Equity, & Health by conducting a co-creation workshop with community members living around Van Cortlandt Park and the Marble Hill housing complex. Seeks ways to establish clear connections between the RESCUE of TIBBETTS and Climate, Equity, & Health related to the local residents living in the area. Explore ways of generating strategies to reach underserved communities through means such as an ENGAGEMENT TOOLKIT. Simultaneously, generate ideas to advance the RESCUE (daylighting) of Tibbetts Brook through open conversations of listening and reflection.


Problem: Evaluate and identify better support systems for engaging the surrounding community (for programs, projects, events, etc.) to help advance the RESCUE (daylighting) of Tibbetts Brook.
Role: Design Facilitator and Strategist lead co-creation remote workshop, site visits, and interviews with the team, community members, and stakeholders
Solution: Identified values for the community and the daylighting project, informed ways of expanding the role of healthy environments and the arts
Impact: Key participants and team highlighted critical takeaways to build upon our next steps with CALL and the community, identify better ways for outreach, which would increase the communities’ cultural awareness and inclusivity.