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Resilience Advocacy Project works to empower youth to become leaders in the fight to end poverty. RAP is building a growing movement of resilient youth equipped and inspired to make sure that poverty in one generation does not predict poverty in the next. Certain values lie at the core of our mis-sion. These principles guide the development of our organiza-tion, programs, and system-level change efforts.


Problem: Develop sufficient system for tracking surveys, and processing analytics for tracking students success rate that would also help aid with better obtaining grant funding.
Role: Lead Design Researcher and Strategists facilitated development of interview guide, and conducted in-depth remote interviews. Additionally, prepared storyboards that helped project engineers develop mobile survey system
Solution: RAP can take the framework we have created for the student evaluations and apply it to the facilitator and partner sites evaluations. Digitize all of their existing evaluations so they can measure the overall growth and success of their program and its participants. Our tool will make this easier for them going forward.
Impact: Our project and recommendations set RAP up with a long term solution for their current evaluation process problems. They were able to digitally collect evaluation responses which would allow them to access their workshops and the impact on their programs had on the students, so they would be better able to secure sufficient grant funding.