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Cornell University Workshop

I initally worked with Peter Robinson and Ifeoma Ebo, with the Cornell Students in the Fall of 2019. They invited me to conducted a workshop with the students from the Youth Design Center, formerly called Made in Brownsville.

Then again in the Fall of 2020, Professor Peter Robinson invited me back for a second go round  as a strategist to work with his Graduate Architecture students and the students from the MBK Academy in Brooklyn. My role as strategists focused primarily working with the MBK students—mapping out their Lived Experience to deliver projects that they created in conjunction with the Cornell Students. We also focused various research methods and added in a componet for compiling oral history with the Heritage House. 


Role: Lead Researcher and Strategists: For the Fall 2020 session, then I jumpstarted the 2019 Fall semester with a workshop between the Cornell Students and the students from Youth Design Center in Brownsville, Brooklyn. 


Solution: Exploring ways to reimagine the Heritage House through the “Lived Experiences” of the Architecture students and MBK students. 

Impact: Through a series of crits, and research sessions served to getting each of groups interacting, and to also to rethink how they could reimagine the community they would eventually be designing for their projects during the semester. We also explored the ways that COVID-19 impacted the MBK student’s mobility and daily life, and used additional research methods that lend itself to remote interactions.